Private surgery fees & additional costs

Weight loss surgery is a financial as well as a lifestyle commitment. You will need to plan ahead to make sure you can cover all the costs involved.

If you are not eligible for weight loss surgery through the NHS pathway, or if you prefer to go private, you can choose a private clinic in the UK or abroad. If you are unable to pay the surgery fees upfront, some providers will allow you to pay in installments. 

In the UK, bariatric surgery fees range from £4000 to £12000, depending on the procedure. You might need to apply for a medical loan from a bank. However, as with all bank loans and big purchases it is important to understand the terms and conditions before committing. When planning your budget you will need to be aware of the hidden costs that can emerge with any complications after your operation. 

What to expect in a private surgery package


  • Pre-surgery consultation/assessment
  • Pre-surgery consultation with a surgeon 
  • Pre-operative appointment


  • Standard hospital stay with regular care  
  • Hospital accommodation and meals 
  • Nursing care and facilities 
  • Theatre fees, medication and dressings 
  • High dependency unit and/or intensive care unit if required 
  • Consultant fees for initial consultation and  follow up consultations (although this can vary per provider) 
  • Prosthesis 
  • Imaging, physiotherapy, pathology and histology


  • Fixed number of follow up consultant appointments 
  • Fixed number of dietitian follow up appointments 
  • Fixed number of physiotherapy appointments (not always included)
  • Medication after being discharged from hospital  (up to 2 weeks provisions) 
  • Removal of stitches/staples and dressings 
  • Gastric Band adjustments to restrictions (can vary with provider) 
  • Additional blood tests required by consultant (can vary with provider)

Hidden costs (not covered in surgery packages)

  • Patients with a higher BMI >50 can occur an additional charge  
  • Additional services or diagnostic tests completed prior to admission 
  • Revisional surgery (usually excluding some band slippage) is not considered a complication and would be charged as an additional fee
  • Recovery, convalescence and treatment provided after discharge from your consultant
  • Personal expenses (phone, alcohol, newspapers and additional meals for visitors)
  • Prescribed medication after discharge 
  • Vitamin and Mineral supplements 
  • Vitamin B12 injection (depending on surgery)
  • Ambulance fees 
  • Any other expenses not listed in your package. 

Additional considerations that can increase the expense of weight loss surgery:

  • Transport (to travel to the clinic or hospital)
  • Preoperative medical tests 
  • Postoperative follow-up appointments with surgeon or medical team. (More likely if you are having a Gastric Band fitted. You will need to see your nurse for fills and adjustments once out of package).  
  • Medical fees from unexpected complications during or after surgery which require a longer stay in hospital or re-admittance.
  • Extra surgical procedure to treat your complication(s)  
  • Preoperative and postoperative appointments with a mental health specialist (e.g., clinical psychologist or psychiatrist) and dietitian or nutritionist.

Please seek and follow the specific guidelines from your bariatric team. Guidelines vary for individual patient needs and surgeries.