Recovering after weight loss surgery

You will need plenty of support and guidance to help you through the recovery process.

By following good aftercare guidance, you can expect to be returning to normal, daily activities in around two weeks after your operation. Most procedures are performed laparoscopically, which entails a much quicker recovery process and fewer complications than with open surgery. However, it is usual for patients to take longer than two weeks to reach full recovery. In either case, it is crucial to allow at least two weeks away from work and refrain from all physical activities that are likely to cause internal injury. 

When does recovery begin? 

Depending on your procedure, you can expect to stay in hospital from between one and up to four nights after having surgery. Your stay in hospital can become longer if health complications arise during the operation, until your medical team are satisfied you are fit to be discharged. Immediately after waking from the anaesthetic you will be assisted with any pain relief or discomfort from the operation. 

It is important get active as soon as possible after surgery. Taking gentle walks and lightly exercising the arms and legs on the bed or chair will help to increase the blood flow and speed up the healing process. Pain relief and medication will be adminstered to you while you are in hospital. 

Eating for the first time after having weight loss surgery

The posteroperative diet plan starts immediately after surgery and takes the following stages:

  • Clear liquids
  • Liquids
  • Pureed foods
  • Soft foods

Patients often find weight loss happens in the hospital. The special diet plan provided by your hospital assists healing and recovery and avoids complications from digesting unsuitable foods too soon after your operation. You should aim to consume a min of 60g of protein post op, protein is a key attribute to your recovery and healing. When you have completed the postoperative diet plan you can start eating a varied, healthy diet that is of much smaller amounts. For the first few weeks you will expierence increased amounts of wind, this is normal and will decrease over time once your body has adapted to its smaller stomach. 


Please seek and follow the specific guidelines from your bariatric team. Guidelines vary for individual patient needs and surgeries.